About Us

About Us – Inmate Artwork. Our Online Gallery is a virtual showcase for incarcerated individuals  to display their literary and artistic works. These works were created from behind the confines of prison walls. This program was created for prisoners to have a platform whereby they could have a public-access forum for network and advertising purposes. When possible, the artist’s name, prison ID number, and address is provided on their artwork pictures so that anybody in the world can contact that artist directly if they wanted to inquire about commissioning artwork or for other purposes. We believe that by giving all imprisoned artists the opportunity to have their artistic voice heard, they will be motivated to continue their creativity and find a positive outlet to express themselves through their respective artistic mediums.

Most inmates in the United States make an average of only $.93 a day at their jobs in prison.  As a result of these peon wages, they are unable to make any payments towards court debts or other costs associated with a successful reentry into society. 

Inmate Artwork has created a Marketplace for inmates to sell their art items on our site. The proceeds of the sale can go towards paying off that prisoner’s Legal Financial Obligations (“LFOs,” meaning Crime Victim Compensation, restitution, reparation, court costs, court fines, court fees, and all other financial obligations incurred as a result of criminal conviction), buying more art supplies to further express themselves positively, or simply improving their lives of confinement. Payment for an inmate’s artwork is made to our site, where we hold the purchase money in escrow until the purchaser has received their art item. We then release the escrowed funds and make payment direct to the prisoner.

While we are an inmate-based advocacy, we also acknowledge and respect the lives of ALL victims of crimes, so through our organization, we aim to add value to the lives of crime victims by helping restitution be paid.  We strive to add value to society at large, specifically local communities by helping court costs, fees, and fines be paid. We also add value to the lives of prisoners by giving them a network and advertising platform for their artwork to be displayed and sold.