Brian Matthews

Brian Matthews presents as an artistic Spirit whom creates through varying mediums, including but not limited to: beadwork, leather, paints, pencil, pens, and literary works. Although currently located at the Stafford Creek Correction Center (SCCC) in Aberdeen, Washington, Brian has been imprisoned with the Washington Department of Corrections for over 22-years, and has honed his inborn artistic attributes during that time. He practices his literary artistic skills through blogs and paralegal activities, he’s an accomplished (and long-retired) prison tattoo artist, and he’s the Secretary of a Toastmaster club inside the prison (New Horizons) where he’s accomplished Toastmaster International’s certification as both a Competent Leader and a Competent Communicator. His favorite mediums for artistic endeavors are beads and leather. Brian believes that while he is creating a piece of art, a portion of his energy and essence is being infused into that piece and therefore it is important for him to maintain a positive mindset and attitude whilst in the creation process lest his artwork be infused with ”bad medicine.” As such, if his energy, mood, or thoughts are not right at any particular point in time, he will not even pick up his tools or art materials. A ”Brian Matthews Original” piece of art is not only an aesthetic focal point for other people’s attention, it’s also a sacred item comprised of positive intention and good medicine.

If you would like to commission an original, one-off piece of artwork from Brian, you can communicate with him electronically through, or through the U.S. Postal Service by way of the address below. Brian gladly welcomes comments, ideas, suggestions and questions appertaining to his artwork. You may reach Brian via snail mail viz:

Brian Matthews
SCCC, H4A82L, #796769
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, WA 98520

Brian’s work