1 heart, 1 brain, miles of veins. 2 ears, 1 mouth

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by Larry Blackwell (LB12)

1 heart, 1 brain, miles of veins. 2 ears, 1 mouth
that gives the body breath
What wonderfully made miracle God design
So what makes another man’s life and breath more precious then mines..
If beauty is only skin deep
then why is the hatred for my black skin run so deep..
Is it hate, or that they want to kill anything they can’t control or understand
No other race of fathers has to have the talk ” what talk”
the talk of how police will kill you before they ever protect you..
Do us as blacks do wrong?
No question !! What race doesn’t !!!
Why is it that our wrongs get so harshly punished?
From prison sentences to the death sentences…
let’s be honest does my resistance, give you the ultimate permission, to take
My life, my understanding, I thought we got away from slavery and property branding.
Its hard for people of lighter pigment, to feel the plight of my harsh judgment
See no one understands, until its there lil Jimmy, there Brad
Please tell me the words to say to lil Jamal, when he seen the cops, choke out or shoot his dad
How do you rebuild trust in a neighborhood when the lil kid only had a toy gun, and a mother had to lose her son..
When 10 blocks away, the same thing happens, and on Xmas the lil kids still has gifts he’s unwrapping..
Its 2020 and we are still viewed as chattel, they want us to stop gang violence, but the boys In blue the biggest gang killing people from New York to Seattle
We scream black lives matter..when one of there’s die they scream all lives matter
they brought us here so why don’t they show us how to bring they country together..
because right now we divided, all you have shown us is Trayvon Martin, and Rodney king violence, and if we get to loud you’ll silence us ..
this sound more like Hitler, or Stalin,
its sad that America’s first language is violence