Buried Alive

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written by Rob Rudner (RR1)

Mistakes I’ve made, misguided youth.
One foot in the grave, I’m living proof.

Turned to the streets, its where I thrived.
comes brokenness, barely survived.

abused, and beaten, most kids don’t lie.
no matchbox cars, just stole a car, turned to a life of crime.

and at the tender age of 12, they buried me alive.
locked inside a tiny cell, nobody heard me scream.

left all alone to die, I cryed, many tears and shattered dreams.
like dirt being thrown into a grave, sufficates with every breath.

compression comes like waves of the ocean,
this weight that’s on my chest.

eaten alive by the maggot of time,
until there’s nothing left.

am I dead, alive, or mummified, my soul will never rest.
mistakes I’ve made, I lay awake, the past can’t be undone.

yet darkness lingers in this tomb, no warmth comes from the sun.
freedom is but a memory, still alive, but I feel dead.

toss and turn, can’t sleep at night,
bones aching in this bed.

menace to society, treated like a common thief, encased inside these walls so long, loved ones, figured, I’m deceased.

until I’m six feet in the ground.
I’ll never rest in peace.

buried alive a time or two, lost in this concrete cage.
spent more time inside, than free, my life spent, digging my own gave.

at times I might pray, to the Lord,
father take from me this cup.

but if I die before my time,
bury me standing up.