Convicting Me of Crimes I Didn’t Do

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© January 20, 2020 by Roger Brooks (RB1)

I was only 18 years old at the time,
When I was lied on and locked up tight,
Then railroaded and deprived of my civil rights,
While continuing to be illegally confined,
For (4) unfactual crimes,
And couldn’t even bond out,
Because I didn’t have one dime.

It’s a shame I was done that way,
Dealt a mean blow by someone who was devilish,
Whom caused me years of mental anguish,
Watching years of my life fade away,
Night after night, day after day,
Making me feel at times like I wanted to die,
but instead, I’d just cry and pray.

But in time I learned to keep on striving,
And refusing to be a prisoner of my past,
Because to do so no one can ever last,
As your dreams keep on dying,
With no desire for self-healing,
Until eventually,
Your heart has no feelings.

This is testimony that is real and true,
The court system was very wrong,
In convicting me of crimes I didn’t do.