Lovebird Madrona Bowl

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Garridan Nelson (GN18)

1.5″ Live-Edged Madrona Bowl
Maple Top/Base
Box Sides Unknown

This piece is an advancement in Garridan’s pyrographic skills. Up until now, he had only burned simple imagery, Celtic knotwork, and text. Here, Garridan had to work with “negative space” and shading that was new to him.
“I was very nervous about failing at this piece – the only way to fix it would be to sand off the entire surface of the lid and start over. And when you have to teach yourself something new there’s only one mindset to have, ‘There’s nothing to it but to do it!’, then roll with the punches.”, he says. And Garridan managed to get it right on the first try!
With the box complete, Garridan moved onto the interior. A tiny 1.5″ live-edged madrona bowl was turned and mounted into the base. In the bowl is two pebbles, for the two “love birds” this box was gifted to after their engagement.
The box is crafted from maple and pecan.