Om Box

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Garridan Nelson (GN14)

Oak with Walnut Trim
Carved “Stained” Maple Top
Lid Interior is Ink on Parchment:
Mantra of Compassion in Sanskrit

These two boxes were crafted from an unknown species of wood up cycled from a discarded pallet. Sometimes known as “pallet gold”, this wood has its tarnished and abused exterior trimmed away to expose the natural beauty beneath – a testament to the transformation experienced by many incarcerated individuals. The Sanskrit ‘Om’, the first seed syllable of the mantra of compassion, is carved on the lid, with some scrollsawn work to reveal the same crushed velvet lining the box interior.
On the interior of the lid, Garridan penned the entire mantra of compassion in Sanskrit: “om mani padme hum hree”. “Finding the path to transformation begins with a search within ourselves to find compassion and forgiveness for ourselves.”