Pouches & Wallet

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Garridan Nelson (GN22)

Forest Green Pouch (Cowhide) with Snakeskin Appliqué
and Edge Banding,
Deer Antler Buttons, Hand cut Lace Work (Braid), Python Print Pigskin Lining (6 1/2″ Diameter)
Sky Blue Wallet Ostrich Print Cowhide with
Wedding White Pigskin Lining, French Hem Edges on Pockets
Hot Pink Pull-Up (Cowhide) with White & Gold
Gator Print Appliqué and Gusset, Wedding White Pigskin Lining
(Bag-in-Bag) (Approximately 4″ High x 3″ Wide)
Black Buckskin Pouch with Karung Snakeskin Appliqué, Hand-Cut Braidwork (4″ Diameter)