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Just in case you haven’t gotten bored with reading about the repeated violations of the State public disclosure laws by the Washington D.O.C. in my blogs below, I figured it would be appropriate to inform you of yet ANOTHER unlawful act by our State correctional system and State Attorney General (A.G.) and their noncompliance with the Public Records Act (PRA).

Below, you read of a plethora of cases whereby I asked D.O.C., and the State A.G., for access to my own electronic central file, some kites, some incident reports, etc. etc. And of course, who’s the A.G. assigned to represent both Defendants? Yup, none other than Candie Dibble herself. Yay. As this lawsuit progressed, I kept running my discovery requests thru the A.G.’s office, and put together my opening brief: a 32-page Motion for Order to Show Cause, with a five-page Affidavit in support and 400 enumerated Exhibits thereto. You would think that the A.G. would totally respond and get to crying and flamboozling and word-playing in some manipulative attempt to cheat themselves out of responsibility for their unlawful acts, riiiiiiight? But NOPE! Miss Dibble didn’t even file a Response brief to my Motion.

Instead, she called me up the day before my hearing and asked me if I would agree to a continuance so she can conduct discovery on me? WTF? We’ve had FOUR MONTHS to conduct discovery: I’m an incarcerated pro se litigant with access to archaic and selective law materials (SIDE NOTE: did you know that D.O.C. took all of our Law Books away from us here at S.C.C.C.?), and I’ve conducted SIX separate sets of discovery all by my little ol’ self using the U.S. Mail system. Miss Dibble works for the largest Law firm in the State, with the largest support staff in the State and with a seemingly unending budget and hasn’t even sent out one set of discovery. Without specifically telling Miss Dibble to go fuck herself, that might have been the underlying message she received as I politely and firmly told her ”No, I do not agree to a continuance.” However, during this conversation she mentioned that she was going to ask the Court for this time to discuss settlement with me in the matter.

Anytime I can tap my opponent out without having to run the gauntlet of a Washington State Superior Court, then I’m OK with that. Sensing the white flag waving, I sent Miss Dibble a firm offer for settlement in the matter: ‘Give me $2,500.00 and all of my records and promise to refrain D.O.C. and the A.G. from violating the law, and we can make this case be gone–BUT you only have one week to accept.’ Reasonable enough, right? Just give me my records, and make sure the State agencies stop violating the law. Dibble sent me her clients’ acceptance five days later, and the Release and Settlement Agreement contains a specific clause that said part of the settlement was that I wouldn’t submit a Public Records Request to neither the A.G.’s Office nor D.O.C. for one-year, AND a clause that said I will sue neither the A.G.’s Office nor D.O.C under the Public Records Act for one-year.

Government OF the People. BY the People. FOR the People. Yet again, here we have the largest State agency, and the largest law firm in the State, carelessly disregarding the very strict, well settled public disclosure laws with seeming impunity because–apparently–they’ll just waive their taxpayer checkbook around whenever they do in order to make their unlawful acts go without liability. The coffers of your tax dollars are recklessly being shelled out by State agencies in settlements over such matters as failing to give a shit about their duties to serve and be accountable to We, The People whom created them. I urge loyal Washingtonians to take heed of the absolute piss-poor performance of our public servants as it pertains to deciding what is good for you to know and what is not good for your to know, because if you keep turning a blind eye to such insolence then one day you’re going to wake up in a George Orwellian “1984” and realize that the Ministry of Truth is actually spoon-feeding you a constant barrage of lies. My lawsuit can be found at Thurston County Superior Court Cause No. 18-2-01743-34.

Brian Matthews (BM43)
DOC #796769