Robert Rudner

My name is Rob Rudner. Im 43 years old. I’ve been incarcerated for the past 16 years. Despite that, I’ve been able to learn, teach, and grow as a man, through actively engaging in creative and expressive moments.

Through sharing artwork, and poetry, Ive been able to help create positivity in this overwhelmingly negative environment. Doing artwork allows me to motivate, inspire and connect with other people inside the walls and outside the walls, in a positive manner.

I’ve been very fortunate, while striving to become a better version of me on a day to day basis. To develop and polish sides to me that did not exist, prior to me coming to prison. For instance; through working with diversity groups inside, I’ve learned about others cultures and traditions. Through volunteering my time and limited resources, Ive been able to give back to the community, through donating art and fund raising through charitable causes.

Through being instrumental in building a class called Liberation Art Project (LAP). I’ve taught my artistic talents to beginner and advanced students. I’ve also been blessed to with the opportunity to work closely with developmentally challenged individuals as a facilitator in a class called Skill Builders Unit (SBU).

I love life and live by the motto, “Promote Positivity through Creativity.” If you’re interested in getting to know me more, or want to help build the bridge between incarcerated individuals and the community. Please hit me up at Or at Rob Rudner #739434 Stafford Creek Corrections Center, 191 Constantine Way, Aberdeen WA 98520.

I’m looking forward to working with and being inspired by you. God Bless

Rob Rudner

Rob’s work