Sandor Rivera

Sandor Rivera (WA- DOC,#359332)
Stafford Creek Corr Center
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, WA 98520

Sandor Rivera: Hi, Thank You for reading “A Product of Devastation: The Poetic Journey of a Nobody.” This manuscript is yet to be complete. However, I share this draft as an opportunity for people to get a preview. My style of writing changes due to my mood and inspirations. This poetic journey is my experience formatted to share my deep issues arising from a complex and hostile situation. I want my words to paint a picture, to paint what I feel and don’t show. If I can help ignite a spark of emotions, I hope you can use it for something good. I want the reader to understand this is my situation, we all have a different story. From the lowest point in your life there’s really nowhere else to go but up. Everything happens for a reason, I believe it down to my very soul. Whatever situations we find ourselves we can use it for good or bad, or nothing at all.

I am always welcoming people to share your feedback with me. You are always welcome to contact me via (inmate email services) or by U.S. Postal Service. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed “A Product of Devastation: The Poetic Journey of a Nobody.”

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