Claude Price

I’ve been crocheting now for seven years. The first 16 years I was in prison, I did not do any hobby craft at all. My dear friend, Kenny Agtuca, came along and offered to teach me how to crochet little pink hats for pre-mature babies. It was a struggle and it is a tribute to his patience that I was able to learn. Since then, I’ve been able to contribute hundreds of hats and stuffed animals to a multitude of charities, as well as making gifts for family and friends. I’m now 50 years old, been in prison for 23 years on a 100 year sentence for attempted murder where I shot at a couple of innocent victims; thankfully, no one was hurt physically during my criminal scapades, though emotionally, I’m not as fortunate. I’m sure that every life that crossed my path in those days was affected in a bad way.

Crochet has been an outlet for me to connect with positive people and do positive things in this negative environment where I reside. It as helped to heal me in so many ways. hope that my efforts help bring joy and comfort to the lives of the people who receive the items I make.

Claude’s work